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How to get a free canvas

This month, in the spirit of family, home, and love, we are offering all of our customers a free Ready to hang canvas, on us.  

The way to claim it is simple:

After you've placed your regular order, send us an email to orders@canvasinsider.com with the subject line "My Free Canvas", and an attached picture you'd like us to print for you on our premium wooden frame canvases.

We will take the picture and print it on a medium sized canvas and ship it to you with the rest of your order, free of charge. 

Again, that's orders@canvasinsider.com to claim your free canvas. 

Enjoy! And have a wonderful month.

We look forward to serving graciously.

Thank you for the trust and opportunity 🙌 😊

-The Canvas Insider Team

What Size Will Fit My Wall?